About P&P

The founders of P&P are a group of designers, engineers and fabricators. On staff we have over 10 years experience in mechanical engineering, test engineer and CAD design experience. We have designed, tested and manufactured parts, systems, processes, machines and more from napkin sketches through full production in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Our fabrication staff has 12 years experience in all aspects of fabrication from sheet metal to structural steel components. We have a certified welder in all disciplines who always looks for an opportunity to do some old school gas welding. One of our most valuable resources came from a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry who brings several years experience leading the quality control department. Will find a way to break anything and everything. Then make it better through science.

We are a small business, that gives every project the time and attention that it needs. We are the people making these products, not robots. We take pride in our quality, and that takes time.

Nissan Off Road

P&P has a design schedule spanning the next 36 months before we come up for air. There is not a single section of the truck that we do not plan to address. Will will be releasing a full line of armor, selected suspension, drivetrain, steering, maintenance and engine performance products and accessories that you never thought would exist for your truck before.

P&P is a customer driven business. Customer input on needs and demand will drive the development schedule, not a marketing director. We will be working closely with our industry partners and our customers to analyze and determine the course of action that best suits the needs of the community.